This was a three day project that got me hired at Staples to co-lead efforts on designing robotics and IoT products. The brief was simply to create an IoT product.
What is missing in current desktop assistants, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, is a physical personality to interact with. Making Amet mobile makes it feel more alive. It's like coming home to a cat or a dog compared to a fish. You have the ability to call it to a room, talk as if it were a living being, and interact with the touchscreen for various things you might use a tablet or a phone to do. The combination of an AI assistant and an interactive interface makes for a seamless, intuitive experience.
Amet will dock itself when it's battery is low. When docked for charging, you will still be able to use it as a stationary unit.
Amet has three heights for adapting to different situations.
Amet will stay docked when it's assistance is not needed. Only when called upon will it get up to find you. 
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